'Sea of Red' Comes to Mustang Stadium

Published 08/12 2014 06:06PM

Updated 08/12 2014 06:38PM

Sweetwater High School football fans will be seeing sea of red this upcoming football season.

The Mustang Stadium was recently renovated and now season ticket holders can enjoy a more comfortable seating arrangement.

Head football coach, Shane Mobley, said that the die hard Mustang fans deserved a whole lot better than the former aluminum bleachers.

"Our Mustang fans come out and support us and stuff like that. It's gonna be nice. Not just for the old, but the young to come out, as well to be able to sit in comfort to be able to enjoy the game," Mobley said.

Upgrades on the new seating began almost immediately after school let out last Spring.

"They came in right after graduation," he said. "Started to put them in and they were ready right about the middle of July."

The new bright red bucket seats are also numbered for easy finding, and have the Mustang logo displayed on one side, a far cry from the stadiums old aluminum bleachers.

"We had those old seats and they're really hard and they got hot, sometimes. And people just don't wanna sit on them," said Mustang receiver, Isaiah McGee.

This is his, last year on the football field. McGee is graduating this year and said the new seating has become one of his inspirations.

"When we walk over the stairs we're just ready to see the sea of red you know?" McGee said. "They talk about that a lot... coming over those stairs for the very first time is a beautiful thing."

The stadium seats will debut at the Mustang's first football game in three weeks.

"There's nothing like Friday night football in Texas," said Coach Mobley.

Now, thanks to these new bucket seats, Friday night football in Sweetwater just got a whole lot more comfortable.

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