Silver Star Nation Conversation With Mickey

David Robinett says, "We start with the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas, of course, won it's opening game with the New York Giants in New Jersey last week. Mickey Spagnola joins us now with the Silver Star Nation. Mickey, the Cowboys getting that win to open things up and then they get a long break here. How good was it for them to have this break?"

Mickey Spagnola said, "I think they really needed it. If you look back to the last couple of preseason games, and then the opener, they squeezed 3 games into 12 days. That's a pretty fast pace in the NFL when you are used to playing every 7 days. The rest of needed, and it certainly helps when you are resting and you have a win to think about, and you have a win to look back and correct your mistakes instead of having to stew all that time over a loss."

David said, "Coming into that game, the Cowboys had a lot of injuries problems. Guys that were kind of "iffy" heading into the game. What is the health of this team like as they get ready to take on Seattle?"

Mickey says, "The good news is that not only did Jason Witten play in the game after having suffered that lacerated spleen, but he got out of it without irritating the injury. He should be good to go. They are concered about the center, Phil Costa. His back tightened up on him. That injury is something that he suffered earlier in training camp. It doesn't look like he's going to be ready to play in this game. He could be out a couple of game."

David says, "Thanks Mickey. We appreciate you joining us for the Silver Star Nation. The Cowboys will be playing their game on Sunday in Seattle where they will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks."

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