Silver Star Nation: Seahawks Play Better Than Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for ways to get back on track after their 1st loss of the season on Sunday night.

Mickey Spagnola says, "The Dallas Cowboys are back here at the Ranch licking their wounds following a 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and they are going to tell the Silver Star Nation just why they got beat so bad."

Sean Lee said, "We didn't start well. We got beat in all 3 phases. Defensively, we started off well stopping the run and getting off of the field. 2nd half, we didn't do that. They were able to stay on the field, convert 3rd downs, and they were able to get more big plays with a couple of runs, a couple of passes. They did a good job of executing, and we didn't."

It's our job to execute, and we didn't do that well, enough," added WR Miles Austin.

Brandon Carr said, "They just out executed us in every phase of the game. All 3 phases, offense, defense and special teams. We never had an answer for them, and  they played their butts off, and the crowd kept them in the game"

"We didn't execute well enough. You can't do that and expect to win games in this league. It's definitely disappointing. We needed to get to 2-0, but we gotta get is fixed," says Jason Witten.

Owner Jerry Jones sang the same song, "I know this, in everything about playing football, they were better than we were today. Every aspect of it."

Spagnola says, "That about hits the nail right on the head. The Cowboys will have a day off Tuesday and get back to work on Wednesday."

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