Turnovers Hinder Cowboys In Loss To Chicago

Let's go into the Cowboys locker-room following their 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears.  The theme of the evening, not surprisingly, was you better take care of the football.

"Teams are evenly matched all the time in the National Football League, and it comes down to executing," said Tony Romo.

"It comes down to whether or not I take a sack, whether I throw it and a guy intercepts it, or whether I hold onto the ball or he strips you. It comes down to whether or not you move the chains, or whether or not we get a good enough block. That's football, it comes down to you can have eight or ten good plays, but one play can take away all of those..quickly," continued Romo.

"That's what happened tonight. I have to do a better job of maintaining those important plays that win or lose the ballgame," said Romo.

Interceptions, drops, poor routes, overthrows are all ways to lose a football game, and they'll get you beat every-time.

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