Hawley Conversation: Anthony Sites Talks w/Eric Boynton

Published 11/12 2013 05:18PM

Updated 11/12 2013 08:44PM

Eric Boynton said, "you're on a four game winning streak, the longest since 2007. Right now it seems like this team is playing it's best football when it matters most."

Anothing Sites answered, "We've been playing really well together. We just started clicking since district started. We had a couple of position changes, and it worked out for the best. We've been playing really well together."

Eric Boynton asked, "It's also the first time Hawley has gone to the playoffs since 2006.I guess from a players perspective, talk about what that means to get to play in week 11. It's something that hasn't been done here in quite some time."

Sites said, "It's exciting. we have a chance to make history this week. Our goal is really to get a gold ball, get our first playoff win. That's what everybody is looking forward to, and that's what we're working for this week."

Eric Boynton said, "Talk about the mood around town. Obviously every body is really excited. It hasn't happened since 2006. How do you guys handle that as players? All the talk around school, around town, do you block it out or do you embrace it?"

Anthony Sites said, "We embrace it. It's a small town. It's a real close community, and that gets us excited play. All the fans we had over two hours away in Hamilton, they're excited to see us play, and we're excited to play for them. I mean, this is a big game, and we're ready to play it.

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