Hawley Picks Up District Win Over Comanche

The Hawley Bearcats were able to pick up a district win over Comanche on Monday night thanks to a hot start at the plate.

By the end of the third inning the Bearcats already had a 3-0 lead. Then Logan Thompson went to work on the rubber.

A strike out in the top of the third inning would keep the Indians off the board.

Bryson Brawley would do the same in the bottom half of the third in order keep the Bearcat lead at three. Then Hawley would once again get on the board in the bottom half of the fourth.

Kason Florence would hit a Brawley pitch all the way out to the centerfield wall and finally stop running at second base. A short time later Seth Phillips would drive home the fourth run of the night for the Bearcats.

Hawley would add three more runs on the night, and hold off the Indians for a 7-3 victory.

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