Hawley's Stokes joins 10,000 yard club

October 11th, 2017 - Hawley quarterback Quay Stokes broke his ankle the first week of the season. He was given a certain timeline of when he'd return, but he didn't like the timeline, so he made a goal. He was going to play by the Seymour game, and that was earlier than even coach Ables anticipated.

Mitch Ables said, "You know he's one of those kids that if he puts his mind to something, I think he willed that bone to heal faster than it should have."

Stokes said, "The hard part was just waiting for the bone you know? Because there's nothing you can do besides that, and you know God blessed me with, I guess bones that grow a little faster than normal."

Blessed, and Quay has a special grit and drive. After he broke his ankle against Munday he continued to play in that game, and Friday night against Seymour, just five weeks later, he felt great.

Stokes said, "It felt fine. Nothing too bad, nothing I couldn't just tough out a little bit."

Quay reached another milestone in his career here at Hawley here on Friday night when he joined the 10,000 yard club. Now if you know anything about Quay, you know what a team oriented focused player he is. Now that's not just something he says, that's really who he is, so much so that he didn't even realize when he got his 10,000th yard.

Stokes said, "People just kept coming up high fiving me, and  I was just like, hey we got more games, it was just a touchdown. We need to get plenty more of those, and then they were like, no you got your 10,000. I was like, oh."

Ables said, "It is pretty neat. He's the first one I've had that's done that, so that was a pretty neat deal, and you know you think back to four years ago when he was just a freshman, and he was throwing passes on Friday."

Quay's a senior now, and has at least four games to add to that total. District starts this week against Forsan. 

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