Jamie Boyd's Long Road Back to the Baseball Diamond

Published 07/13 2014 10:14PM

Updated 07/13 2014 10:45PM

Jamie Boyd, a former Wylie Bulldog and Howard Payne Yellow Jacket who will be pitching for West Texas A&M in the fall.

Baseball means the world to Jamie.

Jamie Boyd said "It's my favorite thing to do. Just getting to go out to the field, there's nothing better to do."

But shortly after enrolling at Frank Phillips College in the fall of 2012, it was almost taken from him.

Boyd said "First weekend of school I wake up and I can't see out of my eye. So, that was pretty scary."

An eye infection cost Jamie his first year of college ball, and it almost cost him his sight in his right eye.

Boyd said "Just sitting out and watching everybody else get to play the game that I'm just dying to get out there, but not being able to. It was a tough year."

Since then the journey back to the field has been a long one, and with it came a position change.

Boyd said "When they said I was going to pitch it was, I mean I had been practicing for outfield and hitting all year so it kind of came as a shocker, and it was kind of a rocky transition, but now things are starting to smooth out a little bit."

Now Jamie has his eyes looking forward as he embarks on the next stage of his career.

Scottie Sanchez said "There's no quitting in his attitude and his demeanor. It permeates everything that he does. He's a special kid, he's a special person, and I'm sure he's going to take this baseball thing as far as he allows it to. He's just a special kid and has been a blessing for me to be around."

Jamie will enroll at West Texas A&M in the fall, and will stake the mound for the Buffaloes next spring.

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