Joey Gallo to start at first

The time has come for Joey Gallo to have an assigned position with the Texas Rangers... for now at least. 

Joey Gallo said, "I like playing first base and right now it’s a good fit for the team to play first so I’m excited about it."

After playing first base, third base and left field a year ago, Gallo is set to be the everyday starter at first in 2018. 

Following a 41-homer season it’s hard to keep his bat out of the lineup, and there is an appeal to having a 6’5’ target for infielders to throw to. 

Rangers Manager Jeff Banister said, "It’s a definite advantage especially with the athleticism we have. And look, Gallo is a guy who is a tremendous athlete. He moves very well. His feet are tremendous. Very agile. He’s not your typical 6’5’’baseball athlete. He’s a different cat." 

And it appears the cat is excited at the prospect of focusing on playing just one position, even if it’s not his natural position, third base. 

Gallo said, "I know I’m going to be at first base and I’ll be able to get my work there which is a little easier on the mind, the body. What I need to do to get ready for the game."

Rangers fans were spoiled with the defensive prowess of Mitch Moreland in 2016 when he won a Gold Glove.

Banister believes Gallo has the same ability. 

Banister said, "It’s hard to replace a Gold Glover and Mitch made it look so easy. He’s learned the position and continued to play it and embrace it. I think he has the opportunity to be that pretty quick."

Gallo said, "I think, and that’s what I told Banny in meetings, I think I can be a Gold Glover at first."

And for Gallo and Rangers fans, Gold Glover sounds much better than prospect.

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