Kobe Clark is Sweetwater's playmaker

October 25th, 2017 - Nearly 1200 yards on 52 receptions with 21 touchdowns. No those aren't end of the season stats, those are Kobe Clark's stats after the 8th week of the football season.

Chris Thompson said, "Kobe can make a play out of anything. I could throw him a bubble or something, he'll make a 80 yard run out of it or something."

Kobe was a play maker last season, and as a senior he's much more comfortable, and he has more freedom.

Kobe Clark said, "I get to pick the routes that I do based on what the corner's doing, so really that and the coaches kind of lean on me a bit more in tough situations, so I like that."

He delivers on the defensive side of the ball too with a pick 6, a punt return for a touchdown and returned a fumble for a touchdown.

Ben McGehee said, "It's been a pleasure watching him make plays on both sides of the ball, and he's done things on the defensive side that have really set our offense up."

Kobe's numbers are obviously higher than they were last year, and that's not the only difference. Coach McGehee says that Kobe is not much of a vocal leader, he leads more by his actions, but Kobe has a different thought about that.

Clark said, "I feel more vocal than I was last year, but yeah it's a big difference. Junior, senior year, it's a big ole difference."

As a senior and a weapon for the Mustangs, Kobe welcomes his role as a leader.

Clark said, "I like stuff being in my hands, so I'm in control of it. If it goes wrong then it's on me, if it doesn't then I do good things then."

McGehee said, "A key player that people have to account for, and that opens other things up, and so it's nice to have a guy like that."

Kobe says he wants other teams to notice that he's a key player in this offense. With almost 1200 yards receiving and 21 touchdowns, if they haven't figured it out yet they never will. 

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