Mickey Spagnola After The Loss To Packers

January 15th, 2016 - Too much Rodgers, one too many field goals each way, one too many penalties and of course, not enough points. So everything the Cowboys accomplished in 2016, well all the joy went down in sorrow. Packers 34, Cowboys 31.

That's what happens when you kick too many field goals in a playoff game. You gotta score touchdowns, and obviously when you're playing Aaron Rodgers you've gotta score a bunch of touchdowns. 3 TDs and 3 field goals just wasn't enough on this night for the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a hard pill to swallow for the players, talking to Barry Church after the game and he basically said, you know you get 13 wins and it really doesn't mean anything because you're focused on a championship.

He kinda said 13 wins went down the drain, and that was kinda the feeling in the Cowboys locker room afterwards, a lotta heads were down knowing that a 13-3 record didn't get them anywhere in this divisional playoff game when they were at home, and that's that, that's playoff football, it can all come down to a crushing end.

For the Silver Star Nation, I'm Mickey Spagnola, here at AT&T Stadium.

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