Mickey's Takes: Cowboys vs. Buccaneers

After a 16-10 victory at Cowboys Stadium over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers most of the players are saying a win is a win. The big reason why the Cowboys were able to beat the Buccaneers, and move to 2-1, was the defense.

The defense played well for all four quarters, and especially well after the changes they had to face with the Cowboys turning the ball over three times.

They were able to hold their ground, and that was really important since the Cowboys offense was only able to score one touchdown in the game. Not to mention kicking three field goals to score only 16 points.

One key on defense, especially after all the injuries, was the play of cornerback Brandon Carr. The Cowboys decided that on their nickel defense that Carr was going to move from his normal cornerback spot to safety. That allowed Michael Jenkins to come in and play cornerback, and shutdown the Tampa Bay passing game.

In fact Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson only caught one pass.

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