Payton Burton is the guy for Clyde

October 19th, 2017 - The Clyde Bulldogs entered the season with a brand new quarterback, and Payton Burton is delivering.

Mary Margaret takes a closer look at the running back turned quarterback.

The Clyde Bulldogs are 4-2 so far this season, and a lot of their success is because they've got another great quarterback in Payton Burton. 

"He's doing great, he missed a couple games with injury but he came back from that," Clyde coach Rocky Smart said.

"He's picked up where I feel we left off and he's done a great job with the offense leading it and whether we throw the ball or run the ball he puts us in a position to be successful." 

"It's been really good, we've been altogether as a team putting a lot of work in," QB Payton Burton said.

"I couldn't do anything without the O-Line or if the receivers weren't catching the ball. I'm just proud of everyone and everything they've done so far."

Payton was the Bulldogs running back last season, and he brings an edge to the QB position that Clyde welcomes.

"It's been a good positive change. He can throw, he can run, he can duck his shoulder and pretty much run over whoever he wants," junior receiver Payton Laughlin said.

"He's good, he's a great leader, he's great in the pocket, and when he gets his protection he'll make the plays that he needs to."

Now whether he's running the ball, or stepping back and passing it, Payton is doing it all with a slight fracture in his ankle, an injury that he sustained in the second week of the football season. Now he was back on the field two weeks later, and nobody on this Clyde Bulldogs team is surprised by that.

"He's definitely a difference maker, not that he's the only one on the team but he definitely gets the ball to our play makers and gives us a chance to be successful," Smart said.

"It's been slow, very slow coming back to it because, just trying to learn everything again and trying to get back into the speed of everything but, it's doing good," Burton said.

Payton and the rest of the Bulldogs will play their second district game when Early comes to town on Friday.

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