Player to Watch: Brayden Beal

Roscoe senior quarterback Brayden Beal is confident and ready to lead the Plowboys in 2016.

Head coach Jake Freeman is excited for the experience he brings to the team.

"Brayden brings a lot of leadership to our team," Freeman said. "He's a kid that's started over 20 football games for us and had a lot of success. You know, he's the type of guy that, bringing that experience in who can direct an offense on the field, be a coach on the field."

Beal is a confident athlete, and he has taken some important steps to ensure that his game is the best that it can be by putting in work this off season.

"More of my mechanics, and getting those fine-tuned, and some feetwork I think would help me be able to throw the ball more accurately, and strength. I've worked on strength," Beal said. "Maybe be able to get the ball farther down field and quicker, quicker release and stuff like that."

"His skill level's increased. He's gotten stronger. He's worked more on his mechanics," Freeman said. "He's put in a lot of time throwing the football. Working with other quarterbacks in order to fine-tune his game. It really paid off last year, and we're really looking forward to it paying off this year."

The Plowboys started out 0-4 in 2015 but quickly turned the season around. Freeman and Beal are excited for the coming season and confident in the way the team handled last year and are prepared this year.

"You know they started getting that confidence, and the expectation to win, and the expectation to win is a huge part of it to begin with," Freeman said.

"Play as a team, have each other's back and just know that we're good, and we'll be up to any challenge, and I know we can take on any challenge that comes our way," Beal said.

That's why Brayden Beal is a BCH Sports Player to Watch.

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