Plowboys "D" leading the way in 2017

October 26, 2017 - October has been a good month for the Roscoe Plowboys' defense. In the last three weeks, the D has only given up a total of 27 points. Now when you compare that to the two games they lost in September where they gave up 52 and 43 points, they're feeling good that their defense is on a roll.

Nicholas Limones said, "I think honestly we're just preparing really well, we watch film really well and we study their plays, and we just know how they're going to do and we prepare well in practice."

Roscoe head coach Jake Freeman said, "It's just a mentality that we preached for forever. You've got to have a tenacity, you've got to want to get to that football and punish the ball carrier."

Jacob Rainey said, "We're flying around to the ball and we're making plays when we need to. Just delivering when we need a big play or anything that we need to do."

Freeman said, "As a whole, our defense is fast. We use that as our strength. We want 11 hats to the football, and we want to bring a lot of force when we get there and cause turnovers. That's what we've done, we've been a plus in the turnover margin and when you do that you win a lot of games, so hopefully we keep doing that."

Limones said, "That we're the best out there. We just go out there and think that we can dominate anybody that we play against, that's all."

Now the Plowboys defense is going to have another test this week when they travel to Seagraves. Now just a reminder, Seagraves is the team that knocked the Plowboys out of the playoffs last season, so this is certainly going to be a good rematch. 

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