Rankings don't matter to Jim Ned Lady Indians

January 11th, 2017 - The Jim Ned Lady Indians are one of the hottest teams in the state right now.

They just won the Whataburger Tournament with wins over state powers Liberty Hill, Argyle, and Wall. Impressive.

Mary Margaret went to talk to the Lady Indians. 

Hunter Cooley said, "I think we're getting better each time we play and that's a plus right now, this time of year."

The Jim Ned Lady Indians are playing some of their best basketball at the start of district, and it's paying off.

Torey Bradshaw said, "We kind of got on a rough streak at the beginning and we've overcome some controversy, and I think we've done amazing, just learning how to handle the tough situations at the end."

The Lady Indians are currently ranked 2nd in the state, but they aren't letting it go to their heads.

Jolie Branch said, "It's nice to see the rankings, but those rankings don't win you anything so it's good to see but we don't really think about it too much."

Cooley said, "Sometimes it's just a bullseye. It's nice for the girls to be recognized for their efforts, at the same time they still have to go out and play every night."

Jim Ned has a one track mindset... playing hard and winning games.

Keely Eshelman said, "Our mindset is just focusing on our next opponent and doing the best we can to do whatever it takes to win."

Bradshaw said, "I think the mindset is to always go out there expecting to win. The other teams are preparing to play us just like we're preparing to play them so we have to work for everything we get, we can't just expect it to be handed to us, so our mindset is always to focus, work hard, and win."

Branch said, "We play together, we don't have just one person who does everything, we all play our role. We have 8 girls out there who are a threat in all different kinds of ways and I think that's what makes us so powerful."

The Lady Indians look to continue dominating in district play on Friday when Coahoma comes to town. 

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