Silver Star Nation: At the Ranch Report

Published 10/23 2013 08:35PM

Updated 10/23 2013 08:39PM

The Dallas Cowboys are getting ready to take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and Silver Star Nation's Mickey Spagnola says the game could come down to the o-line vs. d-line.

Mickey Spagnola said, "One of the key matchups for the Cowboys in Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions will be the interior of that Cowboys offensive line against the Detroit Lions defensive front, which includes a guy named Suh, Ndamukong Suh. Brian Waters knows he'll have his hands full.

Brian Waters said "He's as good in the league as there is, and I say that not to blow anybody up, but just to say it because it's a true statement. He is really explosive. He can be explosive in the pass and the run. He has a tendency to cause havoc at the worst point on offense. When plays are at their biggest he seems to play even better."

Spagnola said "The Cowboys also know Suh plays a little bit outside the lines, having been fined seven times in his career, suspended two games and just fined a couple of weeks a ago for a late hit on Brandon Weeden.

Waters said "Believe me this guy and the rest of that group does enough football wise to you're going to have to put all of your attention to that. The other stuff is not our job. Tha'ts the referee's job and that's the league's job, you know make sure they're on top of those things, but for us its focus on football."

Spagnola said "So most importantly for the Cowboys, Do not allow Mr. Suh any penetration."

The Cowboys and the Lions play at noon on Sunday in Detroit.

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