Silver Star Nation: Garrett reflects

January 2, 2018 - And with Jason Garrett's 32 minute press conference on Tuesday the off season officially begins, but Jason Garrett kind of gives us an overview of why he thinks this team didn't quite make it to the playoffs in 2017.

Jason Garrett said, "Oh a lot of different reasons. Obviously we didn't play well enough to win enough games. That's the obvious one. At different times I thought we played very well as a team, won big games, other times we didn't handle the adversities of the season well enough, and I do think we responded the right way as the season went on and played better when guys weren't in the lineup, played better down the stretch when we needed to, but it ultimately was not good enough. The biggest thing we have to do right now is go back and reflect on it, study it, understand what happened, why it happened and get back to work."

Next up for the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett and the front office will decide what's going to go on with the coaching staff. They have about a half dozen coaches whose contracts are expiring. They've got to take care of that and clean up some player evaluation, and then move on to getting ready for 2018. For the Silver Star Nation, I'm Mickey Spagnola. I'm still here at the Star.


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