Silver Star Nation: looking at the bright side

November 20th, 2017 - Well, the Dallas Cowboys don't have time to belabor the past. 

They can't worry about getting beat by the Philadelphia Eagles, 37-9. 

They've got to move forward and quickly, since they've got the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. 

As Dak Prescott said Jason Garrett told them after the game, you've got one of two ways to go.

Prescott said, "I think big picture, and coach Garrett couldn't have put it in better words going  from 11-5 all the way down to 5-11. It's up to us to figure out what we want to do. It's about coming in and getting back to work, and that's what we're gonna do starting tomorrow." 

So, moving forward, here's the deal for the Dallas Cowboys. 

They've got to play the next four games without the suspended Ezekiel Elliott. 

Sort of good news, while the Cowboys are 5-5, here's what happens with the next four games. 

Three of the next four teams the Cowboys are going to play, including the Chargers, have 4-6 records. 

The team that doesn't? It's the New York Football Giants, and they are 2-8. 

One game at a time. Go forward. There shouldn't be anything intimidating them.

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