Silver Star Nation: Teamwork required

September 18, 2017 - In the aftermath of 42-17, the Dallas Cowboys losing on Sunday afternoon. When we look back and see why this happened, a lot of people want to blame Dak Prescott for a performance that was not up to his standard. If you went back and looked at it, the entire offense had a lot to do with why this team only scored 17 points. If you asked Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett about it, he'll ask you if you actually watched the game.

Jason Garrett said, "Having said that, you have to be effective in the passing game. Being effective in the passing game takes everybody. We knew it was going to be a challenging environment to throw the ball up there. They've got really good pass rushers. They have crowd noise. You're in a silent cadence. All of those things challenge you, so it because all that much more important to control the line of scrimmage in the running game. We played the game that they wanted us to play, not the game that we typically play. One of the best things that we do is control the tempo of the game with our physicalness and our running game. We weren't able to do that in this game."

Any time your quarteback has to throw the ball 50 times in trying to win a game, you know you are probably in trouble.

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