Silver Star Nation: Zeke is back

December 18, 2017 - Well everything certainly is well in the Dallas Cowboys' world on this Monday. They come away with a victory Sunday against  the Oakland Raiders 20-17. Actually I should say they survived more than a victory, but it keeps them in the playoff race at 8-6, and guess what, Ezekiel Elliott is back in the building.

Zeke showed up a little after noon on Monday. His 6 game suspension has been completed. He was eligible to come back and be with the team. He got a little workout in, and then he'll work out with the team tomorrow when everybody shows up and gets back to work, and Jason Garrett seemed to be very pleased with where Zeke is and where he's been.

Jason Garrett said, "He really just came in and we got a chance to visit. I visited with him and Gary Brown visited with him and some other people in the building, and you know getting him back into the schedule of the week, and he's been working out. He had a good workout over the weekend, so he'll get reacclimated with our team tomorrow for the team run at noon and just get back into the schedule with the rest of the guys for the rest of the week."

And I guarantee you with those fresh legs they're going to use Zeke up, and that's the Silver Star Nation report. I'm Mickey Spagnola here at the Ford Center.


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