Silver Star Nation:Goal is to score a TD

October 9, 2017 - There's certainly been a lot of discussion since the Cowboys' 35-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers, centering mostly on how the Cowboys handled their last drive when they scored to take the three point lead. Well Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett faced those questions again on Monday, and here was the answer on why they wanted to get that touchdown scored as soon as they could.

Jason Garrett said, "The objective in that situation was to go down and score a touchdown, and we made some critical conversions in the drive. We made some critical runs and passes to keep the drive alive. Obviously when you get down there close, your sole objective is to score a touchdown. We're down by four in the game. If you can somehow score a touchdown on the last play of the game and give them no time that's fantastic, but you have to be careful about being too cute there. You have to give yourself a chance to win the ball game. First and foremost by scoring a touchdown we're able to do that."

So now the Cowboys enter the by week at 2-3, and I guarantee you nobody is happy.


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