Spring Conversation w/ CHS's Todd Moebes

By David Robinett | drobinett@ktab.tv

Published 04/29 2014 09:28PM

Updated 04/29 2014 09:31PM

David Robinett said, "Coach are you happy with what you saw on the 1st day and how excited were to get the players back on the field?"

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes said, "It's exciting. It's putting the pads a being able to go play some football. It's an exciting time. We are looking forward to continue to progress. I thought yesterday was good for the 1st day. I thought our retention was really good from our guys. Our guys that are veterans that have played on Friday nights look they have, and our young guys look they were young, and it was their 1st time to play with some veterans. Everybody needs to get better, and they need every rep they can get.

Robinett asked, "You have 11starters that you have to find. How does that process work? Do you have in your head who you think is going to be the starter, or is it open as can be?

Coach Moebes said, "It's as open as can be. It always is. We try to keep as competitive an environment as we can around here. Guys need to have a vision that they are going to be those guys, and they need to strive to do it. It's also a process that we've thought about once last season was over with on the bus home from Stephenville."

Robinett said, "One of the key positions you have to fill is replacing Lorenzo(Joe) with somebody. David Ruot looks like he's going to be the guy. What does David bring that makes him they guy you can fall back on?"

Coach Moebes said, "He brings a lot of maturity, and again, that position is open, too. David is a very mature young man. He has a very high, competitive IQ. He understands the moment, understands momentum. He's taken a really good grasp of our offense."

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