Stamford Conversation: Eric Talks w/Wayne Hutchinson

Published 11/26 2013 04:48PM

Updated 11/26 2013 08:16PM

Eric Boynton said, "Let's start talking about last week's game. A little slower start early on, and then your guys really came out in the 2nd half. Talk about the halftime adjustments. What you guys did that was so successful."

Stamford head coach Wayne Hutchinson said, "Once we knocked the rust off, I thought our kids stepped up to the plate and took care of business. At halftime, coach McElmore did a good job of  putting our kids in a position to be a little bit more successful the 2nd half. We challenged our kids at halftime that this isn't what a championship ball club looks like, and we need to play like we are capable of playing. I felt like we had some good leadership."

Boynton said, "Now, this week is a shorter week. (You) having to go from playing on a Saturday all the way around to playing on a Friday afternoon. How do you guys change things to keep your guys fresh and keep them ready to go?"

Coach Hutchinson said, "That's really a concern on myself and my staff is it is a short week. Our main concern, right now, is to get the kids bodies feeling good, and getting after it a little harder tomorrow and then easing back off on Wednesday, and we plan on taken off on Thursday for Thanksgiving, and hopefully, their bodies will feel good, and they'll be eager to play, and it's an afternoon game on Friday, so it's setting up to be a fun time."

The Stamford Bulldogs take on Sundown on Friday afternoon in Post at 2.  

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