Stamford Knocks Off Ira

The Stamford Bulldogs picked up a pair of wins on Saturday night over Ira, and advanced to the regional finals.

On Friday afternoon, Ira picked up a 8-7 win over Stamford at Hardin-Simmons. That meant Stamford would need to win two games on Saturday evening.

Hagen Hutchinson got Stamford off to a good start with a shot to left field. That would drive home Stamford's first run off the game.

A short time later, Ira would redeem themselves by getting Kyle Barnett in a rundown. That out would help hold Stamford to a 2-0 lead in the first.

Stamford would add to it though with a shot to left-field by Ligon West. That would drive home another run for Stamford and extend their lead to 3-0.

They would eventually pull away for a 7-1 win in game two, and then a 7-2 victory in game three.

Stamford will now take on Anson next week in the regional finals for a chance to go back to the state tournament.

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