Sweetwater Defense Staying Strong

November 29, 2016 - When you have 5 interceptions and a fumble recovery all in the first half of the game, that's going to be a good sign, and it definitely was for the Sweetwater defense who came out very strong in their win over Glen Rose.

Shane Mobley said, "They really went after the football. You know the first guy that was there is trying to make the tackles and the next two or three that were getting there was trying to strip the ball, and at this point in the playoffs you've got to make big plays. You've got to make stuff like that happen and make it happen early."

Ky Hoover said, "Everyone's just been doing their job on our defense, and we've just been putting it together and working really well together."

Isak Alvarez said, "We felt proud of ourselves because it's a big accomplishment to be able to do that and it felt really good."

Mobley said, "You know there's a saying that says defense wins championships, and I'm a firm believer in that. We're not going to run the same defense every week. We're going to try to put the best defense together to stop what we're fixing to face on Friday."

Hoover said, "We just adjust to what he gives us, and like when we see the offense, we already know what to do because coaches gave us all the material we needed to do."

Alvarez said, "It gets easier I guess. I mean we get a sheet. We study. It's kind of like a normal class I guess."

The Mustangs continue to work on their defense this week and just work on themselves as they get ready for their rematch with Seminole.

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