Sweetwater Looks to End Playoff Drought

Published 08/19 2014 09:09PM

Updated 08/19 2014 09:20PM

In 2013, the Sweetwater Mustangs missed the playoffs by one game for the second season. Now, they're looking to end their recent playoff drought.

"Last year, it killed us not making the playoffs, and sophomore year too.  That's just going to make us work even harder," said quarterback Kaegan Jeffrey.

"Last year was 'finishing.' Nobody walked off the field, everybody had their head up, we played four quarters. Now they know how to do that. Now, it's a mentality," said head coach Shane Mobley.

Sweetwater brings back just eleven players off last year's roster, but the players they do have back are in the right places. Kaegan Jeffrey returns for his third year as the starting quarterbac, and has two of his favorite targets back.

Receivers Bray Amos and Isaiah McGee combined for 23 touchdowns last season, and the chemistry they have built up with Jeffrey could be a key to this season.

"Growing up together, we know how we are. We know how to relate to each other. If we're down, we know how to pick eachother up and help us out," said Jeffrey.

"A lot of us seniors, we're young but me, Kaegan, and Isaiah [McGee] we'll be the leaders. I think we'll be good, we'll just be young," said receiver Bray Amos.

This year the Mustangs have a small senior class, and will lean on those they do have to lead a relatively young football team.

"Everybody said 'just watch people in front of you' and know how it is when you're their age. The guys last year, Andrew Davis and Marquees [Jenkins], they were big leaders on the team. We kind of watched them, and grew up with them. So, that helped us," said Jeffrey.

"Just don't take it for granted. Lead them so that they will lead the other ones that are coming up," said Amos.

The Mustangs enter the season with the slogan "refuse to lose," and it's more than just a saying to head coach Shane Mobley.

"Have the mentality that you're not going to lose. So, when they line up against the guy across from them, whether that's on Friday nights now or five years from now they're going on a job interview. They want to present themselves the best possible way they can, and it's in their minds. It's a mentality," said Mobley.

Sweetwater's road to the postseason starts with the season opener against Lubbock High on August 29th in the Sammy Baugh Classic.

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