The bark is back in Stamford in 2017

October 18th, 2017 - The Stamford Bulldogs didn't win a single district game in 2016. This year they're 1-0 in district after beating, at the time, 15th ranked Anson. The Bulldogs trailed 21-7 at one point, and fought back to win 35-28.

Tim Chambers said, "Fighting through after being down, and then hearing that final horn sound, and you're being on top is just an amazing feeling."

Ronnie Casey said, "You're so proud of your kids you don't really know what to say because they could have, the adversity that hit them and has hit them this season, they could have quit several times, and they're not. They're going to finish the fight, and we're excited about it."

Like a lot of teams in the Big Country, Stamford's been bit by the injury bug, and they faced their share of adversity, but coach Casey says that one of the reasons that they've been able to get through it and remain successful is because of the difference in this year's team chemistry.

Casey said, "I'm not going to say that last year's team didn't have unity, but these guys really enjoy each other's company, and there's more of a brotherhood, and more of a trust factor between them and the coaches."

As we've seen in so many teams this year. When starters go down, younger guys have to step in, and the seniors on this team are proud of their young guys.

Steven Johnson said, "People have been hurt all year, and like the next guy needed to step up, and it's been, really seeing those young guys step up, come in and taking this leadership role, and I'm really proud of them guys doing that."

We know there's fight and leadership on this Stamford team, but there's something else. A whole lot of speed.

Chambers said, "It is crazy. We've got guys that can just straight run out of their shoes, and it's really fun to play with them because, you've got big time plays just waiting to happen."

Casey said, "It makes a huge difference on both sides of the football."

The Bulldogs will need all of that speed to help them take down 9th ranked Post this week at home.

Chambers said, "Yeah we've got to protect the house for sure."

Stamford continues district play on Friday against 8th ranked Post. 

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