UMHB and HSU collide Saturday

October 4th, 2017 - Mary Hardin Baylor comes to Shelton Stadium this weekend. The Crusaders are number one in the nation, and the Cowboys are number five. Both are undefeated in the conference, so we  can expect to see their best on Saturday.

Reese Childress said, "That's usually what you get in a rivalry is, no matter if a team has had a bad year, they know that they're going to ball out that game, and we know that's always going to be the case when we play Mary Hardin Baylor."

Playing their best is of course the goal every week, so the Cowboys say their true battle is with themselves.

Jaquan Hemphill said, "Of course we like the rivalry, but it's always with us, so it's always about us."

And UMHB is attacking this game the same way.

Pete Fredenburg said, "We've done pretty well just making sure we take care of our business, and that's all I'm interested in."

While the teams are trying to treat this game like any other week, they know that the fans are going to get up for it.

Hemphill said, "The atmosphere is great. It gets live here. Honestly, the stands will probably be packed, so there will be a show at Shelton at 1 o clock."

Childress said, "It's always an exciting week for fans. You never get asked more questions than the week you're playing the number one team in the nation, and they deserve that. We're excited to play, and yeah it's definitely an exciting game for the fans."

These are two great Division III programs, and they respect each other.

Matthew Hawkins said, "They're always a great team. They have good schemes, great players. They're a very well coached team."

Fredenburg said, "They just play hard. They do a lot of good thing. The running back's good, the quarterback's good, they've got some good receivers. They've got a good offensive line. They've got a good offense. It's going to be a classic game to watch."

The last time UMHB came to Shelton Stadium during the regular season, the Cowboys won. Last season the Cowboys lost in Belton, so Saturday should be a hard fought good game. 

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