Warren's Wisdom: Aaron Rodgers is good

October 9, 2017 - David Robinett said, "Speaking of that game, let's go on to Warren's Wisdom, and talk about that quarterback. Dad-gum Aaron Rodgers. The word hate doesn't come out of my mouth very much, but I really don't like that guy. How do you explain what he does?"

Steve Warren said, "He's just so good. He's calm. He's cool. He looks like he's been there and does that every day. You can't throw a scenario at him that he hasn't succeeded at."

Robinett said, "The way he does, too. He adjusts to who he's got. He knows his offensive line is porous, he just throws quick passes now. That's all they do, but he does it."

Warren said, "He does it and gets it done. Credit to the coaching staff for giving him the freedom to squeeze in plays that he knows are going to work. He reads the defense really, really well and takes advantage of what he sees and probably the best that I've ever seen at it."

Robinett said, "Hopefully, the Cowboys never have to play him, again. That's my thought."


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