Warren's Wisdom: Cooper built for run

September 18, 2017 - David Robinett talks to Steve Warren about the Cooper Cougars balanced offense and what the future might hold for the 2017 Cougars. 

David Robinett said, "Let's talk a little bit about the Crosstown Showdown with Steve Warren. You coached in a few of those Crosstown Showdowns. The Cooper Cougars are undefeated so far at 3-0, and they did something against Abilene High that all of the good Cooper teams had done since Mike Spradlin had been the head coach and now Todd Moebes. They are balanced on offense. They can run the ball and they can throw the ball when they need. How important is that?"

Steve Warren said, "Going forward, that's very important because you are going to use all of that through out the year. Running the football when you have to and it's great to be able to do that. I thought Tyrees(Whitfield) had a great game, but I thought the guys up front did a great job of giving him a place to run. Obviously, the quarterback is playing really well right now. Ender is managing things. He's not making bad plays. I was impressed with their offense. I was impressed with their young offensive line, and obviously Coach Moebes had them coached up and ready to go."

Robinett said, "Is this a team that looks like they can make a run. Seems to me they may be built for that. Is that what you see?"

Warren said, "I think so. I think when you have that balance. Obviously, they are confident. They are 3-0 right now. They are fixin' to roll into district play here in a few weeks. They're built to play a while. They've got to stay healthy, like everybody does. I know they are strong. I know they spend a lot of time in the weight room. That's typically not a problem for Todd's team. Good luck to them going forward. I think they've got a good football team."

David Robinett said, "Abilene High and Cooper continue the season this week." 

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