Warren's Wisdom: Denver Exposes Dallas

September 18, 2017 - David Robinett talks to Steve Warren about the Dallas Cowboys loss to Denver. 

David Robinett said, "Let's talk a little bit about the Dallas Cowboys in tonight's Warren's Wisdom. Steve Warren joining us again, former Abilene High head coach. A bad match up for the Cowboys is what I saw, a good defensive front up against the Cowboys offensive line, and a secondary that could take away any of their receivers.That spelled trouble, and a flat Cowboys team."

Steve Warren said, "They were flat, number one, but what Dallas is built to do is run the football, run the clock, throw it when they have to to some pretty dad-gum good receivers, and keep their defense fresh and off the field. That's what's been their M-O and been successful at it, but Denver matched up in every single area they needed to and fed them their own medicine. They ran the football. You saw their long drives early on, and the first three time Dallas touched the ball, they were three and out. It was a bad match up. It sure was."

Robinett said, "It sure was. How do they respond? Where do you go from here?"

Warren said, "You've got to go back to square one to see. These guys are good athletes. They were drafted in the first or second round, so maybe they are a great secondary. Maybe they are locked down with too many schemes, or something. Give them something to do that they can be successful at, but before you can do anything else. You better be able to rush the passer. If you can't put pressure on any quarterback, I don't care who it is in the NFL, they are all good, if you can't pressure them, they are going to pick you apart all night long."

Robinett said, "The Cowboys play again on Monday Night Football. I can't wait to see how they respond. 

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