Warren's Wisdom: Eagles gained confidence

September 25, 2017 - David Robinett said, "It is time for Warren's Wisdom. Former Abilene High head coach Steve Warren joins us. Steve, the Abilene High Eagles really struggled in the first three weeks but got it going last week with a victory over Odessa High on Thursday. What did you see in that game, and what was the difference between that game and the first three weeks?"

Steve Warren said, "They played with a little bit more since of urgency. Obviously, they've continued to work and do things behind the scene that they believe in. They continue to adjust. I think Coach Cox and his staff are doing a great job of finding some play makers and moving them into spots and bringing some kids up of the JV, so they don't have as many 2-way players. It all came to fruition on Thursday night out there, and they played really good for four quarters and came away with a very good win that will give them a lot of confidence heading into district play."

Robinett said, "How big a weight is that off their shoulders, the fact that they had been winless? One of your teams started the season 0-4, a long time ago, and then ended up in the playoffs. How big a weight?"

Warren said, "It's huge. When you are 0-3, or whatever it is, and you haven't won all season long, things at school are not good. Things on the street are not good. You hang around with your head down a little bit. You don't want to talk about your team, a whole lot. The leaders on the team, behind the scenes, kept the troops rallied. Coach Cox and I talked about it, and he pointed to that team that we started off 0-4, and then we ripped off eight straight wins. Hopefully, they can do that and finish off on a strong note."

Robinett said, "The Abilene High Eagles will start district play on Friday at home against Haltom.


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