Warren's Wisdom: Wylie's district dominance

October 9, 2017 - David Robinett said, "Speaking of the Wylie Bulldogs, let's talk about that in Warren's Wisdom. Former Abilene High head coach Steve Warren joins us for that. Wylie has been dominant over the last two decades. They've won 16 district championships in 18 years. What is that? How do you do that?"

Steve Warren said, "Who's the old guy that's their coach out there?"

Robinett said, "Hugh Sandifer? That guy?"

Warren said, "He's been there for a while. I think that's where it starts, David. I think it starts with the continuity at the top. His message is clear out there. Everybody is in the boat rowing in the same direction."

Robinett said, "You had a run of playoff success like that, fourteen years in a row. How much fun is that? You go into every season saying, 'We've got a shot every year.'"

Warren said, "It's great! It's a great feeling to have those expectations, but at the same time, as a coach, you know you've got that opportunity.  There are some coaches that go into every year that know they don't have an opportunity. Maybe they have a really bad team, or maybe, they are facing some really good competition, or whatever it is, brand new coaching staff, a lot of stuff, but everytime Wylie takes the field, as we did back in the day, you know you've got an opportunity to win. That is a really good feeling."


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