Warren's Wisdom:Wylie will bounce back

September 25, 2017 - David Robinett said, "Well if you want Warren's wisdom one last time this week and former Abilene High head coach Steve Warren joins us now. Let's talk about the Wylie Bulldogs. Rough night last Friday against a very good Argyle football team. Wylie's struggling with some injuries, but still that's a bad loss. How do you bounce back from that?"

Steve Warren said, "Well I know how coach Sandifer does things out there and they already have. They probably burned that film out in the parking lot of something. They won't spend a whole lot of time on looking at that a whole lot you know it's one of those things. You run into a really hot good team and you don't play your best plus you have injuries. All of that combined, but you know what? I've seen them do it before out there. They lose early to the same team and turn right around and thrash them when it comes playoff time."

Robinett said, "Coaches like coach Sandifer who have been around for quite a while. They know their program. There's no panic in them is there?"

Warren said, "No not at all. Not at all. It's a preseason game, and as you guys know and all your listeners know, they schedule the toughest people they possibly can for that reason. So they can win in district play, and they're 0-0 in district play right now and all that matters when it's all said and done is winning those games, so this experience, put it in the back of your mind, feed off of it, use it as you go forward and get better from it, and I know they'll do that."

Robinett said, "Alright the Wylie Bulldogs will play Brownfield in their final non district game this Friday."


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