Why Play With Pain?

By David Robinett | drobinett@ktab.tv

Published 11/21 2013 08:50PM

Updated 11/21 2013 08:52PM

The Cooper Cougars continue the playoffs tomorrow night and Lorenzo Joe and his broken hand are going to be back on the field against Arlington Lamar.

That begs the question, how and why do they do it?

Those of us that aren't athletes are sidelined when we sprain a toe.

Athletes like Joe and others go back on the field  and keep playing. Why?

Joe said, "I just didn't want to come out. I love my brothers out there. I want to keep on fighting. I don't want to give up like that. I guess it's that will to compete that's in me. That's the reason I want to stay in.

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes added, "It's really, as much as anything, acceptance. You have to understand that it's gonna hurt. You have to understand that it may hurt worse at any point and time during the game than it already hurts by not doing anything."

Joe says, "You just got to go out there and play your game because once you start thinking about getting hurt that's when you will get hurt. I try not to think about that.

Joe and the Cougars play for the Area championship tomorrow night at Shotwell Stadium. Cooper is 2-1 against Arlington Lamar in the playoffs.

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