Witten and Ware Focused On Training Camp

Published 07/25 2013 08:39PM

Updated 07/25 2013 11:04PM

With a combined 15 Pro Bowls in 18 seasons, one might think training camp would be a time for veterans Demarcus Ware and Jason Witten to take it easy. That's not the case for the two veterans.

"I have a tremendous desire to play this game, I love playing it I love practicing it and I take a lot of pride in playing," said Jason Witten
So instead of coasting through July , Witten and Ware are setting the tone for the rest of the team.

"From the starters to the 3rd string guys you have to give them as much as knowledge as you can because those are the guys that are helping you out," said Demarcus Ware

"And as a coach you are always looking for players that provide the right example, whether it is on tape or a story you might tell, but the best example you might give is watch 94 and the attention the young players and more veteran players they sit back up in their chair and say wow that's why he's as good as he is," said head coach Jason Garrett

That is why ware has lead the cowboys in sacks for 7 years in a row. And why Witten has lead the team in receptions for 6, and why both continue to leaders on the team.

"I bet if I went back to Witten of his youth, he would be that guy on the playground people looking to him, in the classroom people looking to him, I just think he has that way about him, he is a guy that people are drawn to in general and then you add the fact that he is such a good football player and that he has so much credibility," said Garrett.

"Keep on staying the course and work the way we've done play winning football that what gets you up knowing that one day you will be on the other end of it and as people say it is about the journey not the destination," said Witten.

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