Wylie Freshman Golfer State Bound

May 10, 2017 - Wylie freshman golfer Maddi Olson is headed to state next week. So, clearly she's a very good golfer, and hasn't even been playing that long.

Maddi Olson said, "I've played golf for about three and a half years." That's it? "Yes ma'm I'm 14 now. I started when I was 11."

Her parents wanted her to play, but Maddi wasn't into it.

Olson said, "I really didn't like it that much. I thought it was super boring."

So why did she start playing then? Well, the answer's pretty simple.

Olson said, "Dad, ya know he said, Maddi you should go out and you should try to do this, and I was like well okay I guess I'll try, and you know I ended up being okay, and I just kind of went with it."

So 3 and a half years later, Maddi is the Regional Champion and headed to state as a freshman! She shot under par in two rounds of the regional tournament, and head coach Mike Campbell gets three more years.

Mike Campbell said, "It's been great having Maddi on the team. She's, obviously she's a phenomenal player and just having a really great year."

As such a young player we might think Maddi'd get intimidated by older girls on the course. Well we'd be wrong.

Olson said, "I'm not really ever intimidated honestly. I mean most people I play with think I'm a senior, so I mean I kind of clarify that sometime in the round."

Maddi may be the only Wylie golfer going to state, but the rest of her team is 100-percent behind her

Olson said, "They're always rooting for me. They're my biggest fans besides my family ya know, so It's really just a great feeling that I have such a great team of girls behind me."

Wylie's golf team will definitely be rooting her on next week at state. 


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