2014 Abilene Mayoral Race Begins

2014 Abilene Mayoral Race Begins

Mayor Norm Archibald announced Monday that he plans to run for re-election. On Tuesday councilman Robert Briley announced that he, too, will be vying for the position.
With announcements of intent to run for mayor taking place on Monday for current Mayor, Norm Archibald, and on Tuesday for councilman, Robert Briley, the 2014 Abilene Mayoral campaign has begun.

Norm Archibald has been mayor of Abilene since 2003 and wants to continue with the leadership position because he believes that the next three years will be crucial to the future of the city. In the last decade, Archibald has focused heavily on securing water for the area, which he still thinks is the main issue looking ahead.

Councilman Robert Briley announced on Tuesday his intention to run for mayor. Briley has been an Abilene City Councilman for six years and has always planned to run for office. He explained that now is the right time because it is time for change and he believes that he has the skills to lead the city.

Both candidates are focused on securing water, fighting to keep Dyess in Abilene, as well as economic growth.

The mayoral election will take place on May 10th, 2014.
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