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7 Eleven Customers Cast An Early Vote For President

The presidential election may be months away but your local 7 Eleven convenience store is giving you a chance to vote early.<br>The chain is asking customers to participate in it's "7 election" campaign.<br>Customers voting for Obama are asked to use a blue cup, a red cup for Romney supporters, and green for undecided.<br>The chain keeps a running tab on purchases and updates results on its website.
It's as easy as pick, pour and pay.

From now until November 6th, 7 Eleven customers have a chance to give an early preview of what the presidential election could look like.

"Tomorrow morning I'll grab one!" says one customer.

For its 4th consecutive presidential election, the chain is asking customers to participate in the "7 Election."

"I think it's great," says customer Larry Pruski.  "The more people voting the better".

"I think its a little too flashy," says Tracey Wood, "a little too much for the election."

If you drink coffee, and support Obama, use the blue cups.
If you're a Romney supporter, the red.
And if you just don't know yet, there's green.

"I'll probably grab one of each, just to be fair," says Joe Castro.

The chain keeps a running tab on the purchases and updates results on it's website.

For the past four elections, 7 Eleven polls have virtually mirrored the real election results.
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