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A Suspicious Fire at a House Involved In a Recent Self-Defense Case

A house fire in East Abilene is being called suspicious, not because of the fire itself, but because of the home in which the fire was found.<br>It's the same house where a woman shot and killed her ex-boyfriend last December.<br>
The fire was called out after 10 o'clock this morning by a neighbor who saw smoke. He says he did what he could until the fire fighters could get to the home. After the fire was knocked down and contained to the front room Abilene Police showed up on the scene and began knocking on doors and trying to find witnesses. One person they talked to was a man who had been staying in the home and who  is related to the women who shot and killed Earnest Gonzalez late last year. The ex-girlfriend, who is still not staying at the house, shot Gonzalez in December after he had visited the home for the second time that night. He had broken into the back door where the ex-girlfriend was inside with her kids, including a new-born baby. Abilene Police had ruled the case as self defense. After the shooting we talked to Gonzalez's sister who said she wants justice for her brother.

We spoke with the sister of Gonzalez again and she said that her and her family had nothing to do with today's fire.
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