"A Total Loss"--Hail Damage in Anson

"A Total Loss"--Hail Damage in Anson

Wednesday night's storm that passed through Anson may not have lasted very long, but it managed to do some serious damage around town. KRBC's Nora Hartfeil spent the day there to find out how the town is recovering from the severe weather.
"It sounded like a machine gun kind of, just hitting the top of the house," says Shelby Robinson, Anson resident.

Wednesday night's hail storm showed up quickly and unexpectedly.

"It was about 15 minutes," Robinson tells us.

And then it was gone.

"What was weird about it was north Anson received the hail, and on the south side of town, they didn't even get rain," says Chief David Moore, of Anson Police Department.

Moore says in that short window of time, the hail managed to do some long-term damage to the police station's property.

"There was tennis-ball sized hail, and you can just see all the damage that it caused," explains Moore.

Cracked windshields, and dents--it all accompanies the West Texas storm season.

While many in the area have been hoping for a downpour, this isn't quite what they meant.

"Just wow. Mother nature can get ugly. We need rain, and we pray for rain. But we can do without the hail," Moore tells us.

The next steps include a call to the insurance company, and then gearing up the best they can for the unpredictable weather.

Along with vehicle damage, the city manager tells us there was also damage to roofs, and broken tree limbs in the area.
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