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Abilene Dental: New Patient Exams

Dr. Christie tells us what to expect during your new patient exam.

Starting over from scratch and finding a new Dentist can be a pain! With all the x-rays and cleanings, but one local Dentist is making that as painless as possible. Dr. Christie tells us what exactly happens at a new patient exam. Your new patient exam will consist of digital x-rays so they can see what's going on immediately! Another service they offer is Diagnodent. Diagnodent is a laser cavity detector that will tell them if stains on your teeth are actually cavities or just stains. Another very important part of your visit is an oral cancer screening. It's done visually and can catch even the slightest hint of cancer. It's a non-evasive procedure that only takes a few minutes. New patient exams are very important and the gals at Abilene Dental want you to know that they are here for you and will make you as comfortable as possible during your new patient exam!
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