Abilene Families See Success in Childrens' Boot Camp

Abilene Families See Success in Childrens' Boot Camp

One controversial boot camp for troubled children has seen a sharp increase in enrollment....and success.
 When the going gets tough....

The tough, come to reality invasion boot camp.

To see if they're as tough, as they act.

"We're not just breaking the kids down, we're always building the kids back up to instill confidence in them instill leadership in them and make them take responsibility for their actions," Says Instructor Paul Manning.

The boot camp started in Abilene this past spring, and has since seen a sixty-five percent increase in enrollment.

"We have gotten 60 plus kids since then. We've grown from 20 kids to around 80 almost ninety kids," Says Manning.

The camp gained heavy criticism when it first started. But for the Kelsey family, it was a perfect opportunity to teach their triplet twelve year old boys that acting out, would get them nowhere.

"Of course with triplets they argue and fight," Says David Kelsey
"My boys are really good boys... but i want to keep them that way. I want them to be respectful and to be leaders," Adds Pamela Kelsey.

The program has not only been recommended by child behavior professionals, but is now being court mandated for repeat juvenile's in Hawley.

"I have seen a difference in these kids so I'm hoping at the end of this its going to be a very successful thing," says Hawley Municipal Court Clerk Shelley Lord.

Since the Kelsey boys began camp, they've seen a world of a difference.

"They make their beds they do laundry they fold they put up," says Pamela.
"It's really been a good thing and I would recommend to other families to enlist their children in this," added David. "I think all of the parents would agree it's a good thing...It's a real good thing."

The camp takes place on Saturday's at Sears Park in Abilene. For more information you can call Jo Manning at 850-368-9791. They are welcome to new children and encourage parents to check it out if they are skeptical.
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