Abilene Family Escapes Burning Home

Abilene Family Escapes Burning Home

Fire officials are saying a North Abilene home that caught fire earlier today looks to be a total loss.
"I saw the smoke. I knew there wouldn't be anything we could do. I was with the kids, and we just got them out," says Estella Moreno, the owner of the home.

It was a little after 4 pm when Moreno realized what was happening.

Moreno says, "By the time we found out and saw it, the room was full of smoke."

Her home, on the 500 block of Bois D'arc had gone up in flames. A fire she says started in an air conditioning unit.

"We tried to call 911 but the phone wouldn't work," says Moreno.

Luckily, she and her three grandchildren made it out safely. Neighbors gathered to see what the commotion was about.

Mireya Longinos, a neighbor says, "Oh my God, I was at the stop sign and I could barely get that close. I was at the stop sign and you could feel the heat that much."

"Upon arrival, it was pretty much totally involved on this side of the structure," says Weldon Wilkerson, Division Chief with the Abilene Fire Dept.

The Abilene Fire Department believes the home is a total loss.

Longinos says, "I go, it's just material stuff. Everything would get replaced.Your life, your husband your kids, that will never be replaced."

"But thank God we all got out okay," says Moreno.
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