Abilene Family Faces Eviction in the Midst of HUD Confusion

Abilene Family Faces Eviction in the Midst of HUD Confusion

An Abilene family could be without a home this week, all because of a misunderstanding between them and a federal agency.
Amber Munro and her husband, an Iraq war veteran, found a place to call home for the first time in a long time.

"The whole last eight years has been hard. Homeless here, homeless there", says Munro.

But one piece of paper they received recently is changing their plans quickly.

"I got a notice saying they are no longer accepting HUD for any of the new tenants. Along with that notice, I received an eviction notice saying I have three days to figure something out for payment or I will be evicted", Munro tells us.

The Munro's were waiting on a HUD inspection approval letter that would have paved the way; but when they didn't hear back after the inspection, they assumed their apartment had passed. As it turned out, the inspection failed, but they never received notification.

However, HUD did in fact send out a letter, over a month ago. The reason Amber never received it? It was sent to the wrong address.

"This is one of those unfortunate circumstances that we'll be investigating and really looking at how it happened", says Gene Reed of Abilene HUD.

After finding out they were never accepted into the HUD Program, Amber has plans to move out in a few days.

"Unless someone can figure something out in the next couple of days, then we are gonna have to get out", says Munro.

But Reed says there's not much they can do, "She hasn't been kicked out yet, and the inspection has been rescheduled".

Despite the chain of miscommunication and misunderstanding, Munro tells us she is determined to keep her family off of the streets.

The local HUD branch encourages applicants to undergo housing inspections prior to moving in, and to stay in contact with their caseworker, as it could prevent any similar mix-ups.
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