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Abilene Family Thankful for No Injuries After Fire

A fire began when the engine of a truck malfunctioned in the 1400 block of Orange Street. The family is thankful that no one was harmed in the blaze.
Firefighters responded to a blaze in the 1400 block of Orange Street around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. A Ford truck was parked under a carport when the engine malfunctioned and began the fire.

The Herreras had just returned from a trip to the grocery store when they heard a loud boom. Once they saw that their truck was on fire, they quickly sprung into action. They were able to begin spraying the truck and the side of the house until the fire department arrived.

The truck was engulfed in flames from the cab forward and is considered a total loss. The side of the home and the carport also sustained smoke damage.

Toni Herrera explained that while she certainly did not expect to begin her New Year with this fire, she is extremely thankful that her family was not injured. Her fifteen year old grandson, who is hearing impaired, was in the back bedroom nearest to the fire. Thankfully, another one of her grandchildren was able to alert him and get him out of the house safely.
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