Abilene Residents Get Dirty at the Fall Clean-Up

Abilene Residents Get Dirty at the Fall Clean-Up

Autumn is in full swing , and folks around Abilene are loading up their pick-ups and heading to the recycling center. It's all part of the annual Fall Clean-Up.
In hopes of a cleaner Abilene, some folks are getting a little dirty.

The annual Fall Clean-Up event draws in thousands of locals, with thousands of pounds of recyclables in tow.

"Folks can clean out the garage, clean out the back yard, clean out their lots, and bring just about anything they have down here and we'll dispose of it where it needs to go", says Bob Ervin, manager of the City of Abilene Environmental Recycling Center.

Charles Eldridge is an avid recycler and wants to see his city looking as clean as it did when he moved here, 50 years ago.

"When it first started in the schools years ago, they just recycled plastic bottles and stuff like that. And now, they recycle just about anything you can think of", says Eldridge.

Eldridge also encourages younger generations to share in his passion for the environment.

"The younger generations need to get on this quick, cause it's going to affect them too, later on", Eldridge tells us.

From old paint and tree limbs, to tires and cans, residents are sprucing up Abilene with the Fall Clean-Up, one truck load at a time.

The Fall Clean-Up will run thru October 13th. The City of Abilene environmental Recycling Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the best part? It's free of charge, just make sure to show your proof of Abilene residency.
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