Abilene Students Share What Little Memory They Have Of 9/11/01

Abilene Students Share What Little Memory They Have Of 9/11/01

September 11th, 2001 is a day that many remember vividly. But for students at Abilene's Atems High School, the images are not as sharp. Sophomores and juniors who were no older than six then, spent some of the day reflecting on the events of 11 years ago.
"We're going to talk today about what happened September 11th, 2001," Explains Atems High School English Teacher Nate Monroe. "It's probably something you don't remember that well".

A classroom of high school students sit in silence, as pictures flicker before their eyes.
They were no more than six years old when these pictures were taken. Too young to understand.

"Here we are, Patriots day, talking about 9/11 and hopefully hearing some things that stir some feelings," says Monroe.

The high school English teacher knows what happened that day and has taught about it for several years. But today, one question caught him by surprise

"Should we feel guilty that we don't remember everything too well?" A student asks.

"Do you guys feel a little of that?" Monroe answers. The class nods. "Really? See I hadn't expected that."

"This is something that our students no longer have a first hand experience with so we have to kind of show them again what it was like," said Monroe.

Monroe uses images, words and music to bring students back to that very day.
Some, find connections to what's happening in the world today.

"Watching this video makes me think of whats happening now," Says junior Erica Castro. "Like, that's the reason why we have troops in Afghanistan right now. Back when it happened I really didn't get the concept of what was going on".

The same is true for many young students with little to no memory of September 11th, 2001.
But for those who do, the ability of young people to understand holds a magnitude of importance.
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