Abilene's Newest Surgical Technology: A Robot Named Da Vinci

Abilene's Newest Surgical Technology: A Robot Named Da Vinci

Local patients planning to undergo OB/GYN surgery may now have another option besides invasive procedures like a hysterectomy. We visited Abilene Regional Medical Center to look into the newest surgical technology in Abilene, a robot, named Da Vinci.
Every little hand movement Da Vinci makes requires a fine balance of art and science.

"It's sort of an extension of the surgeons hands, cause it has 580 degrees of rotation. So any movement that I make, the robot does on the patient", says Dr. Stefanie McCain, OB/GYN at Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Doctors believe it's the future of medicine, and patients like Kacie Voigts are inclined to agree. Voigts actually had the first ever robot-assisted surgery in Abilene.

"I knew I had been needing to have it done, but I kept putting it off because of the recovery period, but once this opportunity became available, I thought, 'sure I'll try it'", Voigts tells us.

With precise execution, scarring is minimized, and recovery time is cut short.

Like Voigts, many are nervous before surgery, especially with such new technology in control.

"I was nervous, especially with being the first one done in Abilene. I wasn't sure what to expect", Voigts explains.

And doctors say they understand why, "I think they might be scared of the actual physical presence of the robot more than anything else. But it's really a very accomplished machine", says Richard Stanley, doctor at ARMC.

Through technological developments, the $2 million Da Vinci allows doctors to have the hands to create a masterpiece in the operating room.

Doctors at ARMC also told us that one of the biggest benefits to the Da Vinci robot is that patients will no longer have to travel to the DFW area to seek high-tech procedures.

For now, only OB/GYN surgeries have been performed, but they are planning on other types of surgeries with Da Vinci in the future.
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